US Rep. Gene Taylor

Since this is a blog where I post on the state of Mississippi and its political atmosphere. Since the US Congress is not doing much right now I want to review rep. Gene Taylor’s recent record. Why Gene, well he is my rep in Congress and I want to share with my readers what I have learned about his voting. I picked issues that were important to me and I suggest that anyone wanting to grade their rep to do the same.

Health issues:

Ban abortion pill–yes


min. wage increase–yes
union bill–no
gay employment bill–no

timeline for war–no


economic stimulus–no
US-Peru trade agreement–no
Farm bill–yes
Alternate minimum tax–no

Other legislation:

Xmas and Christianity bill–yes
Hate Crimes Act–no

There are the bills that were important to me….so how did Taylor do? By my standards, he is mediocre at best. By his vote he has little toleration for gays, or abortion rights. He does seem to stand well on labor, and has taken a stand against civil rights especially with the FISA bill. I will continue to monitor his voting record.

There are others in Washington, but he is the only one that I truly care about. OK we have a Senator Thad Cochran. I would review his record but why, he is boring, unimpressive and a follower and now he is the senior senator from Mississippi, will he he be more verbal now that he cannot hide behinf Lott? We will see.


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