Mississippi Coast: A Meeting Of The Minds

A meeting scheduled for Friday will launch an economic initiative to unite neighborhoods and businesses in several parts of the city.

At the “Ward 2, Ward 3” meeting, citizens will learn about hurricane recovery projects and opportunities. The meeting begins a movement to encourage investment and interaction between neighbors and businesses in the two wards.

Wards 2 and 3 include Old Town, Beach Boulevard and the waterfront to Washington Street, the Depot District, and the stretch of Washington running from the beach to Old Spanish Trail and then back toward Main Street.

As much as anything, organizers see the gathering as a meeting of the minds and a path to the future. Public works projects will be updated and development ideas may be discussed in a variety of areas.

The meeting is open to all comers. Invitations were mailed to property owners of record in the two districts, and to local builder’s groups. Representatives of the Main Street program will also attend, “to discuss possibilities of funding for small businesses,” Thriffiley said.

Representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers have been invited to give a briefing on the Bay St. Louis seawall project. The Mississippi Department of Transportation is also expected to have a representative on hand to brief residents on the pending Beach Boulevard reconstruction project.

May I suggest that one lives in Bay St. Louis then this meeting should be attended. Ask questions if you do not understand what they are proposing. If you do not attend then you have little say what there politicians are doing to your city.

MS House Bill 919

The MS House of Representatives is considered a bill that would create a task force to study laws regulating pre-need contracts for funeral services. To me the only thing that is need to be known is if the person on the contract is dead or not.

This is a bit of a waste. Mississippi congressional antics are more for show than for actual progress.With all the bickering and such, the bouncing bills back and forth, maybe the idea of a unicameral body would be a better idea. Would save the state money and the sanity of the people.

Guest Workers Get The Shaft

Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor : NOLA Indymedia

These workers were used and abused. They were treated like 2nd class citizens and have taken to the picket line. Unfortunately, Mississippi is a right to work state and their concerns will most likely fall on deaf ears.

I support their efforts and will do anything that will help them get the justice they deserve.

Mississippi’s Teen Pregnancies

Events to tackle climbing teen pregnancy rate | clarionledger.com | The Clarion-Ledger

This is Mississippi’s answer to trying to stem the rising tide of the state’s teen pregnancies. Silly, at best. It goes back to that religious crap. Instead of educating teens on the sexual side of life, they want to preach abstinence and marriage. That has gone a long way to stemming the tide in the past (sarcasm intended).

Hormones will be hormones and they should think of it in that light and stop all this perfect marriage crap and definately stop the abstinence thing–NOT GONNA HAPPEN

Drugs Are Always A Problem

The cities are crawling with drug dealers and buyers, but some of the buyers are really cops. There is lots of money in drugs and also in drug enforcement and when that much in millions is available to the access of some, there will always be problems. As it has been in the Mississippi Delta region of the state.

Law enforcement officials met with auditors from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Inspector General. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety in January asked the federal government to investigate possible misuse of federal grant money by North Central and Tri-County Narcotics Task Force, which operated in Oktibbeha, Clay and Lowndes counties until the state defunded them last year.

While March said the investigation cleared the North Central Task Force, Sam Albritton, executive director of the Division of Public Safety Planning, said the auditors found “deficiencies with the program.”

“Poor documentation is leaving an appearance of impropriety,” he said.

Albritton said auditors found weak accounting procedures and problems in reconciling the cash vouchers for undercover drug purchases with the daily activity reports filed by agents.

“The whole thing boils down to bookkeeping issues,” he said.

Albritton said auditors reviewed 75 sample documents and found problems tracking federal money, including money used to purchase drugs. A written report from the inspector general’s office is due next week, he said.

Albritton said the federal probe is continuing and may expand to other task forces. He said auditors next will turn their attention to the Tri-County Task Force, which DPS inspectors recommended not be funded after the unit overbilled for crime lab fees and went over budget for undercover drug buys despite having purchased a relatively small amount of drugs.

DPS officials requested the federal investigation following a dispute with task force members over funding for the 2008 fiscal year. A panel made up of local law enforcement from around the state concurred with the DPS recommendation that North Central be denied funding. The task force had asked for $301,550 in federal money.

A Metro Government

I have an idea, well not really, it has been considered on several occasions but has been shot down everytime. But I think it is worth considering yet again. One of the points that keep it from being successful is that the different cities would lose their individuality. I say BULL! New York did not and why would the Coast?

One large city from bridge to bridge. A Metro-plex. Public services would be centralized and all playing on same page. City government would be centralized and decisions for the Coast would not have to be considered by many cities. Grant money could be more easily acquired from the Federal government. Standards from everything from construction to food prep would be standardized.

There are many reasons why it would make good economical sense and it is time for this to be considered again. Especially now with the aftermath of Katrina still sour in the mouths of the residents. Petty jealousies and minor differences are not good reason to kill the effort. The well being and security of ALL Coastians should be the only consideration.


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