Mississippi: When May They Vote Again?

Is the question some Mississippians have asked. You if one has a felony conviction on one’s record, then they have lost their voting privileges for a lifetime. This was a way to control the black vote, well an attempt to control that vote. Wait one can have one’s voting rights back but there is a process of retaining a lawyer and partitioning the legislature to have one’s suffrage rights returned to one.

Personally, I think that the process should be a whole lot easier, such as the rights are returned if the person has re-paid society and been clean for 3-5 years. A simple form filled out and a minimal fee and one’s rights would be returned.

The process of letting the Legislature is a waste of time, for each person partitioning for their rights is a separate bill. A waste of time and money. We could cut the bill load in half , if all commending and all suffrage requests were put into one bill of each catagory, and dealt with on the last day of a session.

Mississippi never takes the smartest way out when it comes to anything that is race related. This whole process will continue and qualified voters will be eliminated all in the name of that damn stupid Code of 1972.


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