Mississippi: Smoking Ban

Yet another intrusion into the private lives.  Ok, indoors one could make a case, but out of doors, is just a bit silly and I hope it bites everyone concerned in the ass.  BTW, casions are exempt…go figure!

Smokers enjoyed a few last cigarettes here Wednesday, when puffing in Gulfport was still legal.

At the stroke of midnight, the city’s controversial ban on smoking in most public places took effect.

To prepare smokers for the new law, Hooters on U.S. 49 posted warnings on its large sign out front, reading “Smoke ’em now, tomorrow you can’t,” and “Thursday butts out.”

The law bans smoking at most public places, including restaurants, office buildings, retail businesses, taxicabs, and all city-owned facilities, including athletic fields and fishing piers.

Florida: The Anti-Bullying Bill

Ok, here we go……legislate cultural stuff.  Would not the time be better spent on some substantive bill.  Ok kids bullying kids has been going on for ages, and now we have a way to deal with it.  IMO, a waste of time.

“Now we have the tools and can change the culture,” she said. “No child should have to stay home from school because they’re afraid of what might happen to them at the bus stop or in the classroom.”

The bill, sponsored for the last two years by Rep. Nick Thompson, R-Fort Myers, directs school districts to develop policies and punishments for dealing with bullies.

It was designed to prevent and deal with all bullying behavior, without singling out certain kinds of behavior or attitudes by the victims.

Although some lawmakers said targeting gender preferences or physical appearances should be included as specifically prohibited behavior, Thompson and Senate sponsor Carey Baker, R-Eustis, said the bill deals with all bullying behavior, regardless of the attributes of the victim.

Sorry too much intrusion into the personal lives of others.

Alabama: The Gas Tax Holiday

Since Clinton and McCain have offered very similar proposals for a summer gas tax holiday.  Absolutely no one thinks these ideas are good with the exception of the candidates.  Here is what will occur in Alabama:

Presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton clearly hope to sway voters with their call for a gas tax holiday. But the idea isn’t polling well with state highway officials and road builders, who fear that it could imperil projects around the country, including some in Alabama.

“It’s not a good strategy,” said Norman Walton, executive vice president of J.S. Walton & Co., Inc., a Mobile-area highway contractor.

Already, the federal Highway Trust Fund the nation’s main money source for road and bridge projects is expected to run $3.2 billion in the red in September, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

If this becomes reality then let the potholes begin!  Stupid is as stupid does!

Louisiana: FEMA Trailer Residents

FEMA is doing a helluva PR blitz. Their concern for the residents is underwhelming. They are more concerned about lawsuits for health reason then the good of the people.

As the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s self-imposed deadline for moving residents out of the last six group trailer sites in Orleans and Jefferson parishes arrived Wednesday, FEMA officials said that 47 families remained at the locations but were close to vacating the trailers.

Agency spokesman Andrew Thomas said FEMA will place the family members remaining at the sites in permanent housing by Monday, in most cases in apartments.

Four families were moving out Wednesday, after the agency conducted move-out inspections, and 15 families are expected to vacate today, Thomas said. Others should be out of their trailers by Monday, he said.

The families occupied trailer lots at Louis Armstrong International Airport, the Apostolic Outreach Center in Gentilly, Canal Street 1 and 2 in New Orleans, the Ideal Place Playground in Gentilly and at two sites near the French Quarter, the KW Esplanade Property and the Cultural Arts Center overflow parking lot.

“No one has ever been known to be made homeless by FEMA, and housing has been found for all these families,” Thomas said. “We wanted to move them into permanent structures because it’s safer and definitely better for the families.”

For one, many feel trailers would be unsafe during high winds. Secondly, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study in February found that many of the trailers had dangerously high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause respiratory problems and that is a suspected cause of cancer.

FEMA has typically tried to secure housing in apartments and rental houses for families that have been living in government trailers. As a last resort, agency case workers may turn to hotel rooms, but Thomas said they try to avoid that option because it doesn’t provide a lasting solution.

MS: Gulfport’s Smoking Ban

Today is May Day, a day that most of the world celebrates labor and its contributions, but not in the US, about the only thing that will be celebrated on 01 May 08 is the ban on smoking in public places in Gulfport, MS.

As of today it is unlawful to smoke in public places like bars with food, restaurants, and smoking outside from public buildings will have to be at least 25 feet from any entrance. Now everyone can take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that they have infringed on others pursuit of happiness. But wait, sports fans, smoking is STILL legal in casinos—go figure.

I will say that if a person does not smoke, bully for them, and they must have laws that protect their delicate sensibilities from those mean old smokers. I am so glad that they could do something about those darn smokers, just wish they could find the same set of nuts to do something about drivers on cels, loud obnoxious music, and cops with shaved heads. All of which is just as silly as smokers, except one and that one is just damn moronic.

So citizens of Gulfport my hat is off to your elected officials. Personally, I cannot wait to see what else these people will want to make a no-no. Maybe making it illegal to serve certain foods to fat people will not be such a bad idea, after all.