MS: Ocean Springs Condo Experience

The city of Ocean Springs is the Coast own “yuppy” community. It is the more up scaled community for the young upward mobile individuals. I am not a fan of concrete and steel, I feel we have lost enough of the character of the Coast, thanks to that bitch Katrina. But if there must be condos then I feel that this is the best way to handle the fact.

The new Guyton Place mixed-use development in Ocean Springs is designed to blend into the downtown and encourage residents to walk to nearby stores and restaurants. Designed by architect Frank Genzer, Guyton Place is an infill development on Porter Avenue between Washington and Jackson streets. Along with 22 residential units is 5,000 square feet of commercial space for sale or lease. Smith said he would like to see a gallery, coffee shop, restaurant and community office space open at the complex. A landscaped courtyard is also planned.

If all goes as well as they think, then this is an excellent idea to help a Coast community to keep its original charm. More should be done along these lines, to include the old Markham Hotal in Gulfport.

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