Gulf Coast: Carter To Build More Homes

Pres. Jimmy Carter has done more to help people in the devastated parts of the Gulf Coast than anyone in Fema ever has.

High schooler Skinner is among a band of youths building homes on the hurricane-devastated Coast for a Habitat for Humanity project led by former President Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. The Carters, in their 25th year of building with the nonprofit organization, will help volunteers about 20 Habitat affiliates May 11-16 at construction sites in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

“We’re learning to build,” said Skinner, who smiled broadly when told he may meet the former president.

This Carter project includes more than 250 houses, most of them being built through the end of the year in the three states, plus Texas, in the continuing recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

2008 Idiot Of The Week

We have a winner this week!  Robert Fuller of Texas.  He stole a check from his girl friend’s mother and forged her signature……the amount on the check was $360 billion.  Some wide eyed teller caught the amount and became suspicious…thinking…what was her first sign that something was wrong?

I know you want to know just what was this guy smoking…….pause for effect…….well he was also charged with possession of marijuana….go figure!2008

LA: McCain-Jindal Ticket?

There has been much debate on who John McCain should pick as his running mate for the general election.  Should he pick an economist?  Or just who?  Obama is generating much interest in the young voters and there is a possibility that McCain may try to jump on that bandwagon.

In separate conversations last week, no fewer than four McCain staffers and advisers mentioned as a possible vice-presidential pick the 36-year-old Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal. They’re tempted by the idea of picking someone so young, with real accomplishments and a strong reformist streak.

It might also be a way to confront the issue of McCain’s age (71), which private polls and focus groups suggest could be a real problem. A Jindal pick would implicitly acknowledge the questions and raise the ante. The message would be: “You want generational change? You can get it with McCain-Jindal — without risking a liberal and inexperienced Obama as commander in chief.” I would add that it was after McCain spent considerable time with Jindal in New Orleans recently, and reportedly found him, as he has before, personally engaging and intellectually impressive, that the campaign’s informal name-dropping of Jindal began.

Personally, do not think so, but a hell of a prospect.

MS: Time Is Running Out For The Gulfport Library

Harrison County supervisors are set to award the bid today for the demolition of the Gulfport Library, but the demolition needs the approval of the state Department of Archives and History as well.

Time is quickly running out for the library building. Time for all people that want to save the “historical” building to stop forward and voice your opinion. Buildings that are 50 years old and older can be named a landmark, but Baughn said buildings that have significant historical significance also can be landmarks even if they aren’t 50. The Gulfport Library is 43 years old. So a push should focus there and there would be the possibility to save the “Grand Old Girl” of Gulfport.

f the demolition goes forward, there are no plans to use the property for a public building…think about that……it is a prime piece of real estate and would bring a hefty sum to the city after the sell. If so it is about the cash and not about the saving of a building that deserves to live.