Another Coast Landmark Dies

S.S. Camille is gone and soon forgotten. Sad. The old tugboat gas stood on the beach as a monument to those who suffer and survived hurricane Camille. But I guess the beachfront property where it stood for 40 years was just too valuable for the reminder to remain. Sad. That seems to be the rule of the day…to destroy all reminders of the Coast and its history and culture…and to be replaced by the crap of concrete and steel. With a little luck the Coast will soon be a clone of Las Vegas…Glass…chrome..and flashing lights.

I can hardly wait.

Will It Be Environmentally Sound?

As I took out my recyclables I looked around and realized that me a two other people on my street actually recycle. But yet everyone came out for a block party to celebrate Earth day–OK, why would one support Earth Day and not recycle? Was it the environment or was it the food and drink? The later would be the correct answer. They love to celebrate, but seldom do anything beyond that.

I was thinking, how could we get more people to recycle? Make it mandatory? That will not do it. Apparently more neighbors need a bit more incentive to do the right thing. But what type of incentive could work to make more participation attractive?

My best idea was to make the incentive be….a break on their trash collection bill for recycling. Since the company makes money on the recyclables, why not give deduction to those that recycle? Their bill would be less and that could generate lots of participation.

The more recyclables the company gets the more money they would make…it seems to be a win-win scenario–more people recycle–there would be less in the landfills–the company would make more money.

This is a simple plan and a productive plan…..should work.