Still Homeless People From Katrina

What? you ask. Yes there are still many people without adequate housing on the Gulf Coast.

As the June 1 deadline for residents to vacate FEMA trailer parks approaches, many are looking to find more permanent homes, but find few affordable options. After five months of searching for a rental house, Tamecca Carter, 37, succeeded and began moving out of her trailer in a north Biloxi FEMA park last week. Carter is moving back to hard-hit east Biloxi, which still faces a long recovery. She’ll live on the same street she lived on before the storm.

There are some good news and mostly bad news. But the worst news is that there is plenty of money for people (I use the term very loosely) to build apartments that go unrented or houses that go unsold, and yada yada, but they must depend on volunteers to build houses for those displaced by Katrina.

Ok am I the only one that sees the bullsh*t here? There is sympathy all around for Burma yes it was a terrible thing, but there are people here that need a home. send the money south. Once we are ok then I personally do not give a sh*t where it goes after that. we are talking about Americans here, if the guys in Washington cannot do the job, then throw the bums out and find someone who can.