LA: Smoking Ban Clears House

BATON ROUGE — Smoking should be prohibited in vehicles with passengers 16 and younger, a House committee said Monday.

The Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works approved without objection House Bill 1021 by Rep. Walker Hines, D-New Orleans.

Hines’ bill had been bottled up in the committee until he returned with an amendment Monday to lower the proposed age limit from 18 to 16, the age at which a teenager can drive. Hines’ bill now heads to the House floor for debate.

Apparently they are following Gulfport, MS lead where one cannot smoke even on fishing piers….just ask what will be the next thing that will become illegal…you may not appreciate what it turns out to be.

Present law bans smoking in a vehicle with passengers 13 and younger.

Hines said the bill gives police the discretion to stop a car and issue a ticket if officers see a violation, or they can write a ticket if there is another violation.

The bill will keep the fine at the existing level of $150 for all offenses, Hines said.

The panel also approved a substitute for House Bill 451 by Rep. Ricky Hardy, D-Lafayette, which would crack down on drivers who pass other vehicles in school zones.

The bill states that drivers cannot pass another vehicle on the left side of a roadway while in a school zone.

Hardy said the bill is designed to protect children to getting off of school buses and other children crossing streets by schools.

I do hope that the beast that so many states are creating does not come back and bite them in the butt…..well in this case—I actually want it a ripe a large chunk of ass off. This is moronic and ………..I will stop there.

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