MISSISSIPPI: Your Utility Bills Will Increase!

Gov. Haley Barbour signed bills Monday to allow utility companies to raise rates to pay for new power plants before they are built, as well as measures to strengthen ethics laws and protect waterways.

Barbour signed the controversial utility company measure, Senate Bill 2793, which generated much debate among lawmakers in the recent legislative session. Opponents said consumers might be stuck with higher bills even if a power company decides not to go forward with expansions, but the measure does allow the Public Service Commission to require the money to be returned if a power plant falls through. But it’s not automatic.

Officials from Mississippi Power Co. said they need a $2 billion continuously operating, coal-burning plant near Meridian in Kemper County, or the company couldn’t meet energy needs in the summer of 2013. Raising rates up front is the only way to get the money and the bill was needed to avoid a much higher rate increase later, they said.

How much did the Southern Company pay its investors? How much is the CEO making? My point is they have been showing a steady profit for years, but yet that money cannot be used for the improvements they need.

Mississippians! Have a lovely summer….your fuel costs will be so outrageous that few will get to take the much needed vacation. And staying home with A/C will be a bit more also. Sorry, but you guys voted these pigs into office. Try finding out more about the slugs you vote for.

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