LA: Back Up For Power Plant

An excellent to put this back up away from the flooding to come.

Entergy Louisiana hopes to have a fourth power plant at its Waterford site in Taft on line by the end of the year and will begin construction as soon as the St. Charles Parish Council approves a 1,200-acre industrial zone around the entire Waterford site, an Entergy Louisiana spokesman said this week.

The Waterford 4 plant will be a small, diesel-fired power plant that is designed to start up its larger cousins in the event they are forced to shut down because of a catastrophe, spokesman Doug Rhodes said.

Large power plants need external power to re-start, either through transmission lines from the nation’s electrical grid, or from nearby functioning power plants.

The new “black start” plant, will be able to start on its own, and be able to output 33 megawatts of power, a fraction of the Waterford 3 nuclear power plant’s 1,500-megawatt capacity, but enough to re-start other plants.

“It will be in essence the equivalent of jumper cables for the larger plants,” Rhodes said.

Entergy’s Patterson plant in eastern New Orleans suffered heavy damage during Hurricane Katrina and was deemed unsalvageable, and the area has been without a “black start” plant since then, Entergy officials said.

FL: A Chance For Residents To Get Involved

An excellent idea…more residents should be involved in all decisions made for them by their so-called reps.

The study group came out of its organizational meeting Wednesday committed to looking for revenue opportunities in Pensacola’s Parks And Recreation Department, a solution to the city’s $60 million pension plan liability and greater operational efficiencies in the police department’s fleet management.

“If we had more members, we could increase the scope of our work,” said Kathleen Leidner, spokeswoman for the group. “But this is all we will be able to take on for the time being so that we can do a thorough and well-researched job on the numbers and the issues.”

If you have the time and the inclination….do something the help all of the people…get involved.

MS: New Storm Shelters

Hurricane Katrina damaged much of the shelter space in the three coastal counties. But within about two years there should be enough shelters to house residents so they don’t have to travel too far from home, emergency officials said.There are plans to build new shelters in the six southern counties, which would create ample space for people who don’t have transportation or who have nowhere else to go, said Mike Womack, director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Just great!  Three years after Katrina and they have plans?  Must be a Federal plan.  Too little, too late.

“We call them shelters of last resort,” he said. “The shelters we have are acceptable, but they’re not ideal. One of our biggest concerns is that we don’t have the amenities we need at shelters.

“The buildings we are using are sound, but they’re old.”

There are nearly 176,000 shelter spaces statewide with about 22,000 people to staff them.

Not bad for an area that has close to 500,000 residents.  Gee, and the season approaches, i can hardly wait…..

Who Will Be Biloxi’s New Mayor?

Probably no one!

Mayor A.J. Holloway already showed his hand and announced he wants to keep the job and become a five-term mayor. “I have every intention of continuing to serve the people of Biloxi,” he said.

Since Biloxi is a betting town, the wagers around town are that Ward 4 Councilman Mike Fitzpatrick will run for the job along with Ward 2 Councilman Bill Stallworth. Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco is still a roll of the dice, since she would have to decide between serving the county or the city.

Other possible candidates are just starting to consider a campaign for mayor, including Andrew “FoFo” Gillich Jr., who ran a close race with Holloway in 2001, and state Rep. Michael Janus, who said “if Mayor Holloway does not run I’ll consider tossing my hat into the ring. I’m not going to run against him.”

Damn there must be some major benefits to being the mayor of Biloxi (can anyone say casinos).