MS: Mayorial Candidate Busted For Prostitution

This is one of those stories that people like me cannot resist. If only she had practices her craft a little harder she might have been the mayor.
— A three-day prostitution sting resulted in 25 people behind bars, including a woman who once ran for Gulfport mayor and Harrison County supervisor.

Katie Perrone, 47, lost to Ken Combs in the mayoral race in 2001, and to William Martin in 2003 for District 4 supervisor.

She was one of 16 women arrested on prostitution charges in the citywide operation that ended this week.

Undercover officers posed as “Johns” and prostitutes, authorities said.

“We periodically go out and try to curb the prostitution problems in the city,” said police spokesman Sgt. Chris Ryle, adding the city hasn’t seen an increase in the crimes.

Seventeen of the 25 arrested solicited an undercover officer, police said.

Six arrested attempted to solicit sex for money from an undercover officer posing as a prostitute, police said, and five were in possession of drug paraphernalia.


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