Wicker And Health Care

As the campaigns get stronger and harder, I just wanted to add my two cents. Health Care in the nation’s biggest and most pressing issue and here is Wicker’s stands on health care.

Rated 11% by APHA, indicating a anti-public health voting record:
YES on establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings Accounts:
YES on subsidizing private insurance for Medicare Rx drug coverage:
YES on allowing reimportation of prescription drugs:
YES on capping damages & setting time limits in medical lawsuits:
YES on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients:
YES on denying non-emergency treatment for lack of Medicare co-pay:
NO on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D:
NO on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility:
NO on allowing tribal Indians to opt out of federal healthcare:
NO on means-testing to determine Medicare Part D premium:

My fellow Mississippians choose your next Senator wisely, your future depends on it!


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