LA: Bush Will Come To New Orleans (Again?)

President Bush plans to mark the upcoming three-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a speech at Jackson Barracks today that will extol the progress made since he promised the federal government would stay “as long as it takes” to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

It will be the president’s 13th visit to the New Orleans area since it was devastated by the storm on Aug. 29, 2005, and possibly the last before he turns over the White House to a successor on Jan. 20. He is scheduled to deliver his remarks at 2:20 p.m., after a morning address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Orlando, Fla. He will have dinner in Gulfport, Miss., before returning to his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Although the Bush administration’s initial response to the storm was widely criticized and contributed to the president’s plummeting public approval ratings, Bush plans to focus on the money and resources that the federal government has contributed to the recovery.

Golly gee, Batman–I am so glad that he cares.  This guy can do NOTHING to make up for his actions after Katrina, IMO.


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