Trannie Makes News

This post is from the Jackson Free Press

No one said this would be dull. WAPT is reporting a motion filed late yesterday in Mayor Frank Melton’s federal civil rights case:

Mayor Frank Melton accused federal prosecutors on Friday of hiding evidence that their star witness was under investigation for allegedly having sex with transvestite prostitutes while on duty.Defense attorneys for the mayor and defendant Michael Recio claimed prosecutors had evidence about a former defendant, now federal witness Marcus Wright.Motions filed late Friday claimed that Wright had a homosexual encounter with two prostitutes while on duty as a police officer. Attorneys for the mayor and Recio said federal prosecutors used the threat of that case becoming public to convince Wright to testify against his co-defendants.

The defense claimed that prosecutors provided the information on Friday but at first denied they had it.

The filing said prosecutors never told the defense they had such evidence and, “the information goes to the cross examination of the reasons for Marcus Wright entering a plea of guilty and to Marcus Wright’s credibility as a witness.”


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