A Christmas Tragedy

A 17-year-old charged as an adult with vehicle burglary hanged himself Christmas Eve with a bed sheet at the Harrison County jail and died late Christmas morning, Sheriff Melvin Brisolara said.

James Mack Allen of Gulfport hanged himself within the short time between deputies’ rounds, Brisolara said, and left a suicide note to his dad. Deputies administered CPR, and he was taken to a hospital where he remained on life support until about 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

“We had him on suicide watch,” Brisolara said. “Only 17 minutes went by from the time he was last checked on…If someone is determined to commit suicide — in a facility like ours you can’t watch somebody ’round the clock. We had him isolated.”

Brisolara said Allen, who was booked into the jail Tuesday by Gulfport police, had attempted suicide the night before, prompting his placement in isolation and on suicide watch.

Brisolara said there were 927 inmates on the jail roster, with 29 deputies working security each shift.

Seems some check into the Harrison County jail, but do not check out the traditional way.  The previous admin was responsible for the beating death of an inmate.

He was on ‘suicide watch’ but you let him after something to do himself in?  Seems a little bit silly.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Tragedy

  1. He was on suicide watch and yet somehow had the opportunity to write a suicide not and hang himself. If he was on suicide watch, he should not have had access to materials to accomplish either.

  2. Good morning guys and thanx for the visits I appreciate it.

    JD–I agree and this is not the first time something like this has happened in the jail.

    Vjack–my thoughts exactly….he was on a watch but had time to do all the prep work.. of course, the tired old argument will be budget cuts and personel probs…it is tired and it is a fixable prob that seldoms gets fixed.

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