Assault On The Workers

Do you know what the “Employees Free Choice Act” is?  It is a bill in the US Congress which basically states that workers have the right to employees have the right to join, form or assist labor organizations to provide for injunctions for unfair labor practices.  Does that sound like something that would be objectionable?  Well, it is….and especially in Mississippi a right to work state that gets constipation every time the word union is mentioned.

They are so afraid of unions, by they I mean the paid for politicians in the state legislature, that they have gone so far as to offer a bill to order the Mississippi representation in Washington to vote against it.

That bill is SC 550 which states:


Has anyone in Jackson actually asked any worker in the state of Mississippi what they think of the idea of the Free Choice Act?  I do not think so.  Business in the state does not want it, so they pay these a/holes in Jackson to oppose it…and like good little puppies they do what they are told.

When…just when will the workers in Mississippi wake up and realize that the state is NOT on their side…that the state does all it can to keep them at the bottom of the economic ladder….the Mississippi worker deserves better from their politicians….it is beyiond time to throw these a/holes back into the sewers they crawled out of and start with the governor and go through the entire list…..start over could be no worse than it is now.


2 thoughts on “Assault On The Workers

  1. Actually, the problem with the Employee Free Choice Act is that it would allow workers to join unions simply by getting a small group of workers to sign cards. Currently, the decision of whether or not to join a union must be made through an election with a secret ballot.

    While I am a strong supporter of unions I do not support the Employee Free Choice Act. In my opinion, there is nothing more fundimental to who we are as a society than the secret ballot. Besides, if the Employee Free Choice Act were to become law I strongly believe that the current abuse of workers by employers who do not want unions will be replaced with a system of coworkers abusing each other as they fight over their union status. The solution is not replacing one system of abuse with another. Rather, the solution is for the government to hold both business and unions accountable for the way they treat workers.

    1. Hello Jonathan and thanx for the comment I appreciate all participation…..I live and work in a right to work state and it is almost impossible to get a union into a workplace…I tried with no success…actually it cost me one job and at another site it cost a friend his job……there was a lot of interest and people signed cards stated such so what the Act is calling for was already in practice at least in MS. In my state…it is not so much the secret ballot that they are concerned about but rather the very word “UNION” that scares them.

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