Stimulus For The MS Gulf Coast

A measure Coast leaders want to prop up the wind pool insurance program with an extra $20 million became a little more likely when President Barack Obama signed a large federal stimulus bill this week, as it may have eased some apprehensions in the fiscally-conservative Mississippi Senate about spending the money.

After Hurricane Katrina, lawmakers set aside $80 million for the program, $20 million of which had already been set aside this year. But late last month, members of the Gulf Coast Business Council petitioned the government for an additional $60 million, $20 million in additional money next year, for a total of $40 million, to help offset rate increases.

But some feared the extra funds were a long shot and some even worried that the funds that already were set aside could be cut because of the tight state budget, which has prompted cuts in some agencies.

If the stim plan helps the economy of the Coast in this time of falling markets then the one thing to remember are those that voted against the help for the Coast….I have heard that both sides of the stim argument that neither had read the massive document before they voted….something to think about.


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