Family Of Slain Player Speaks Out

As reported in the Sun-Herald:

The family of George County High School football star Billey Joe Johnson Jr. say they are conducting their own investigation into the 17-year-old’s Dec. 8 shooting death after a traffic stop.

Annette Johnson said she would not accept the results of a grand jury report, which said that Johnson likely died of an accidental shooting.

The family said they plan to go to the state capital next week to see if anything could be done there to ensure that Johnson’s death was thoroughly investigated.

In addition, they plan to seek help from the governor, and if that doesn’t result in any assistance, they plan to take their case to Washington, D.C.

George County sheriff’s Deputy Joe Sullivan pulled Johnson over the morning of his death. The deputy said he was standing at his patrol car when he suddenly heard breaking glass and a gunshot and saw Johnson on the ground with his shotgun on top of him.

George County Sheriff Garry Welford initially said that it appeared Johnson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, something Johnson’s family disputed. At the time of his death, Johnson was looking forward to collegiate football at Auburn University. He got a scholarship from Auburn and other universities, but told his mother he planned to play college football at Auburn for a year or so before trying to get into professional football.

Johnson’s mother said she will not rest until the truth about her son’s death is known. She believes someone other than her son is responsible for his death.


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