Sou. MS Is Growing

That is the head line in the South Mississippi Sun-Herald.  According to the report:

Mississippi registered only slight gains in the latest population estimates being released today by federal officials, but the six Coast counties all showed positive growth, with Stone County leading the way.

Numbers from the population division of the U.S. Census Bureau, comparing population from July 2007 to July 2008, show that Stone County grew by 3.1 percent, to a population of 16,025. George County gained 2.1 percent more residents in the same period, for a total population of 22,406.

If someone wants to build a house, the land value tax is very high near the developed urban areas while very low in the rural areas.  It’s less expensive to develop in the undeveloped areas so people will natural spread out.  Now that can explain the raise in the other county’s without putting everyone to sleep with economic theories.

Yes Stone County is growing….but it is not so much that the ads are helping people relocate, but rather those people are trying to avoid urban sprawl occuring on the Coast.  It is more that cost of living is less.  Cheaper rent and land are a prime motivation for the move.  It is just a development known as “leap frog development”.

It is simply economics that is driving the move….in the economic climate that the country is going through would explain it more than some think tank trying to take credit for the county’s growth.


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