How About Coastal Wind Farms?

A new study issued by the Dept of the Interior calls for the installation of Coastal wind farms.

Wind farms placed off U.S. coastlines could contribute significantly to meeting the nation’s energy needs, says an Interior Department study.

The study is part of the Obama administration’s plan to chart a course for offshore energy development, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

Harnessing wind in relatively shallow waters, which is the most technically feasible for offshore turbines, could produce at least one-fifth of the power needed for most coastal states, said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

I recently wrote a post about how the state’s schools should form a collective to do research on all sorts of alt energy.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast has the shallow waters that is needed according to the study for the wind farms and we have a pretty substantial wind flow, so why not get some of the funds and get the engineering schools busy developing programs and such?

The Coast also has abundant sunshine and tidal flow other areas that need exploring.  But sad to say that the state will spend more of their time patting someone on the back, or naming a stretch of highway after someone or setting up more studies and all that research money will probably pass the state by.  About the only time that the state will take this type of thing seriously is if a company will  making obscene profits, seldomn will it be what is best for the people of the Coast.


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