Keep The Cash Where It Is

Recently there has been a massive program for the local citiies and the Coast as a whole to keep all cash in the community.  You have heard all the rhetoric, think and buy locally.  A very good idea, but it should apply to absolutely everyone from Chevron and Ingalls to Mr. Smith down the street.

It always seems to be the people’s responsibility to help the money stay……but yet the big industries buy and shop wherever it is cheapest.  the can propose initiative after initiative but until they find a wayto keep the “big bucks” in town…these are nothing more than a game played by politicians.

I agree that we all should support businesses and such……since the state legislature is so good at throw tax cuts at industries and such why not give a tax break to ANYONE personal or institutional, that buys locally?  I doubt if you will ever hear this from any of your butt licking politicians, it is much easier to put the burden on the backs of the people and if it fails they, the politicians can remain blameless, at least they had an idea, even if it was pretty lame.


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