Is Justice Served?

Recently I was in a Harrison county courtroom killing time and a case caught my attention, it seems that a local guy had embezzled money from a company he worked for and was being sentenced to 10 years at an adult detention center until he repaid the money.

The reason I became interested in this was that he was sent to a center in Hinds County, he was made to give up a good job making excellent money and was taken away from his family of a wife and a small child.  Now I would understand it if this guy had committed a crime that was a bit more heinous than embezzling or if he had made an attempt to flee, but as it was he had been nothing but cooperative with the police and the courts.  It is a real shame that this man did not have an attorney that gave a crap.  Justice in this case was NOT served.  Yes, this man deserved punishment and deserved the probation, the fine, the restitution, but his child did not.

He was sent to the center and given a job making half of what he was making on the Coast; half his pay went to restitution and the other half went to the center.  Where was the support for the family that the courts have forced into poverty?  He could have kept the job on the Coast and paid half his salary to the courts and still been able to help support his family.  Where in the lame ass code of 1972 does it give these judges the right to force families into debt and homelessness?  Once again profit is more important than justice.

GSFP has done some research and the center in question is a run for profit institution even to the point that “inmates” are not allow cookies from home, they must buy their sweets from the vending machines.  Do the courts get any money for “referring” inmates to these institutions?  Maybe someone should follow the money.  Which will be difficult because Mississippi tries to make it as hard as possible to use public records.  Coincidence?

WE also found a guy that was in the adult detention facility in Jackson county working at the Chevron Refinery making $24.00 an hour, but was ordered moved to the Jackson facility and to a job making about $8.00 an hour.  I ask where the logic is there?  Once I heard this, I started smelling the rotting fish.  Someone is making out like a bandit in this and once again I ask….just where is justice being served?

There is NO doubt that a crime was commited and punishment is due, but this man was no flight risk, cooperated fully with the law and courts, and was a first offense; no where was this a case of justice being served but rather paying off political favors, if not then it sure smells like it.  This is a pathetic use of the justice system to ensure the profit of a private institution.  This is a miscarriage of justice plain and simple.


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