All So Much White Noise

Recently the Coast, as well as the whole US, was in the throws of a “tax protest” known as the New Tea Party.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast was NO acception.  The crowd, which organizers estimated to be about 1,000, showed up for the local “Taxed Enough Already” party, which was in conjunction with hundreds of other rallies held around the country Wednesday.

Supporters of the movement say the event was in the same spirit of the Boston Tea Party in December 1773, when colonists protested the Tea Act passed by the British government with no input from the colonies by the British government with no input from the colonies by dumping tea from the ships into Boston Harbor.

One of the organizers of Gulfport’s rally, Charles Purchner, of Long Beach, said he disagreed with the position that many liberals are taking, that the TEA parties are actually being driven by rich Republicans.

You looked out over the crowd and it was all so white and McCain supporters……it was a protest that they lost in the last election.  I call it “White Noise” because that is what it is white middle age people using something like taxes to show their disapproval of a new president.

Check the facts for yourself….I do not mean by listening to absolute morons like Rush, Armey or Newt……your taxes will NOT go up…so what else you got?

Many people were surprised that there were still this many racists left out there.  But those people are not in the South, where racism is a way of life.

Ron White has it right when he says, “you cannot fix stupid”.


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