Mississippi Moronocracy–The Good

The yearly exercise in futility is nearly over, the legislative session, and time to rate it.  For those of us who actually watch this saga unfold day after day, it can either make you angry or so confused that you go out and talk to fire plugs.

This was the title of an opinion piece I wrote for a now defunct newspaper, the Gulfport Star-Journal, and I thought that it was worth a resurrection.  These are bills that the state legislature considered in the most recent session.  The bills that I considered the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.  Some made through the process, others did not.  Some were a complete waste of time, some had promise.   This will be a three part post.


HB 120– Create a Civil Rights Museum

HB345–Compensation for wrongful incarceration

HB351–Create Civil Rights Division within the AG’s office

HC 5–study of the state tax system–this never goes anywhere.

SB2309–compulsory school attendence–something desperately needed

SB2321–Prohibit texting and cel use while driving–another much needed law

SB2346–prohibit predatory mortgage practices

These were not all the measures taken up by the state legislature, but these were the ones that had a lot of promise to help the state move into the 21st century.  Sadly, many did not make it….and the state stays at the bottom of the pile.


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