Put All Eggs In One Basket

Recently I read an editorial in a local newspaper about the amazing people of the Coast and their recovery from Katrina.  I agree with them somewhat, but they seem to give the Gaming Industry all the kudos as the savior of the Coast.

But permit us to again recognize three institutional aspects of the recovery process:

First and foremost has be the generosity of the American people, as expressed through the appropriations of the United States Congress.

Then there is Gov. Haley Barbour’s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal, which provided the means for South Mississippians to develop visionary plans and devise practical solutions.

Last but not least is the Mississippi Legislature, which passed two indispensable pieces of legislation:

The onshore casino bill ensured the survival of the casino industry in South Mississippi.

The extension of the tourism tax incentive bill to include casino companies will help ensure the expansion of the casino industry into non-gaming activities.

On this foundation we can build any future we choose.

So according to this writer, the Legislature has done the best thing for the Coast…..well don’t think so!  They did the best thing for the coffers of the State…..liquor sales pay many of the bills in Mississippi and Casinos are the major consumer of the state monopoly.

Would almost bet, that the people that voted for the favorable gaming industry stuff will be well compensated for their support.


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