Mississippi Moronocracy–The Bad

These bills that were introduced in the 09 kegislative session that were just bad for Mississippi.  These are the BAD bills of Mississippi’s Moronocracy.

HB342–Repeal 3% tax on gaming winnings.

HB411–Smoking in non smoking area is a misdeamenor.

HB594–Revise where money from tobacco settlement will go.

HB670–home schooled children to use public extra-cirricula activities.

HB682–employers can give minimum notice of lay-offs.

HB695–state lottery to fund education (this was what casino gaming was gonna pay for)

HB721–exempt gold from sales tax.

HB791–give school children a body mass index test.

SB2633–ban all smoking in public

These are the bad bills thast were introduced in the ’09 Miss. legislature.


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