Bend Over The State Is Here To Help

Oh goody!  We can be sure now that the State’s Medicaid program will be slovent for the first time in many years.  How can this be?  The infusion of new capital to be paid by smokers.

Mississippi’s Legislature has approved the first cigarette tax hike in two decades, voting to raise the tax by 50 cents a pack in a bid to reap millions of dollars in new budget revenues amid the nation’s economic slump.

The Senate voted 40-4 and the House 102-18 to approve the bill to boost the state’s excise tax from 18 cents to 68 cents per pack. The tax has remained unchanged since 1985 and is the third lowest in the country.

Lawmakers said revenue from the tax would replenish a fund that helps lower the cost of car tags and help pay for other state services. Barbour hasn’t said when he would sign the bill.  Oh damn!  Sorry it is not Medicaid that will benefit but all Mississippians with lower car tags.  Another joke waiting for a punchline.

The argument for the tax was that it only effected a small percentage of citizens…so that makes it alright?  How about a larger tax on luxury SUVs?   That would only effect a small poercentage also.

This is also an attempt to get the people to stop smoking….let us say that succeed……where will the theives in Jackson get their blood money once they have killed the tobacco indusrty?  Alcoholics will be safe for the state monopoly on booze will never be touched.  So who will be the next victim of the intrusion into people’s lives?


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