Your Car Tags

Something had to be done or the price of Mississippi car tags was going to go up……enter a trick play…..tie the unsuccessful cig tax to the car tag bill……genius…it worked….cigs have gone up.

If we look back 10 years ago and the tobacco lawsuit that was won by the state….think about it……that windfall was to be used to fund an ailing MedicAid program…did not work out that way…did it?  Or that the tax revenue from the new casinos would be used to fund education…..another lie……never do new taxes go to the promised programs or if it does it is some minor that it does not help in the less.

The big argument for a new cig tax was that it only effected a small portion of the population…using that logic….maybe the car tags could be funded by a whopping tax on luxury SUVs…after all that effects only a small portion of the population…..thast will not happen…why…rich people rule!

One of the biggest selling points was that Mississippi collected one of the lowest cig taxes in the country……they wanted it to be more in line with the rest of the country……cool……using that logic….why not bring teachers pay more in line or unemployment benefits or ….well you get my drift.  That selling point was as lame as the population argument.

The true is that it , the tax, will effect the working class more than any other and Mississippi is notorious for crap on its workers.


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