Do Not Give Mississippi Ideas

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finance officials, faced with a growing budget gap, Thursday unveiled more ways to cut spending by doing away with a popular health care program for children, welfare payments to poor families and grants to university students.

That is the plan to cover a California budgetary shortfall.  After reading that I thought…Damn!…please do not give Barbour any ideas on new ways to screw the poor in Mississippi.

The recession is bad and the poor suffer more than others especially at the hands of state government.  Always the programs for the poor take the biggest hits, and the corporations get yet more tax cuts on the hope that it will stimulate the economy.  So far that has been a bust but no new tact is considered.

Eventually Mississippi will get out of the tax cuts for the rich and taxes for the workers mentality, but until then……workers continue to suffer at the hands of their state government.


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