It’s Medicaid Again!

All the cig smokers have been targeted in the past as the “sole” financiers of the medicaid program…..but all the taxes imposed on tobacco uses has done NOTHING to help the system at all.  And now the gov wants a tax on hospitals to help cover the program shortfall.

Barbour has pushed the proposed hospital tax as a way to fix a shortfall in the state’s Medicaid budget, but Democrats and the Mississippi Hospital Association have opposed it. Without the tax, Barbour has warned of severe cuts affecting vital state services.

Barbour has said he is asking hospitals to pay their “fair share,” but opponents have said the cost would be passed down to paying patients and have tarred the idea as a tax on the sick.

Brown said the House has agreed to a $60 million hospital tax – an increase over the MHA’s drop-dead figure of $45 million – but the tax would have to come with an agreement that Medicaid reimbursement rates would be frozen.

This all is so damn silly!  The state keeps raising taxes, some of them hidden, to pay for Medicaid abnd turn around and give away millions and in some cases billions to corporations…..why?  Let me guess…as an incentive to buil;d in the state, right?

That is silly too!  The way labor is suppressed in the state is enough to make it attractive without all the tax incentives.

Eventually, someone will realize that taxes MUST be paid if the state is to operate and that all concerned, including the corporations, which pay little as it is now, has got to be involved.  The people of Mississippi are asked to do MORE than their part while the vultures in government and business reap the benefits.


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