Could This Be Mississippi’s Future?

All state’s are facing some critical decsions on their budgets and their shortfalls.  As always it is the poor and the elderly that will pay for the problems.  California’s new plan may become a template for other states, and especially Mississippi.  Why?

Mississippi has a large poor community and the programs that are earmarked for them are a huge drain on the state budget, at least according to the politicians.

But the Gov-in-ator has found a new way to deal wuith his budgetary problems.

Proposals to eliminate insurance for needy children, reduce Medi-Cal services for the poor and scale back assistance to the unemployed would choke off millions of dollars to Santa Cruz County and cripple access to health care and other critical services for thousands locally, advocates say.

In addition to the $248 million hit for Healthy Families, the governor has proposed a savings of $34 million in Medi-Cal expenses by eliminating breast and cervical cancer treatment for women over 65 and cutting all non-emergency health care for undocumented residents. The governor also is calling for $92 million of Medi-Cal savings by scaling back treatment and drug options for the mentally ill.

Here are the proposed cuts–it will be interesting to watch the Mississippi side of this to see if any ideas were gleemed from California.

The governor’s plans to reduce the state’s budget shortfall call for big hits to health programs. Among them:

Elimination of Healthy Families Programs ($248 million savings)

Reductions for Medi-Cal mental health programs ($92 million savings)

Elimination of Medi-Cal breast and cervical cancer treatment and non-emergency care for undocumented ($34 million)

Cuts to HIV/AIDS programs ($56 million savings)

Cuts to primary care services in rural areas ($34 million savings)

Reductions to maternal health programs ($10 million savings)

Reductions to CalWORKs programs ($1.3 billion savings)

The poor is being attacked, but what will the wealthy be asked to contribute?


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