Here Is An Idea

From a report by the AP:

A county sheriff in northern Ohio who banned pancakes from the jail menu to cut costs has found another way to save: He’s having the inmates grow their own food.Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer got the idea for a vegetable garden at the jail in Fremont after he was forced to reduce his budget by $75,000 this spring.

Low-risk inmates who are allowed to mow lawns and do other chores around the county planted about an acre and a half of fruits and vegetables on jail grounds three weeks ago.

One inmate says everyone will enjoy the fresh food because budget cuts have made meals less appetizing.

Another great idea, but I believe this was tried in Harrison County about 20 years ago and had to be abandoned because of some visions of the old “chain gangs”.

A good idea and a money saving idea, but will there be ways that it can be abused?


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