Mississippi’s Low Income Workers

There is a movement taking hold that would try to protect low income workers….and Mississippi has it fair share of those, as well as day workers and such.

Original source: civilrights.org

Organizations that advocate for working-class Americans, such as the Institute for Policy Studies and Jobs with Justice, recently formed a coalition called the Inter-Alliance Dialogue to address the needs of low-income workers, minorities, domestic workers, day laborers, and other groups most affected by the recession.

In recent months, employers have been eliminating jobs at a rate of about half a million per month, causing many people to lose their homes and healthcare, especially low-income workers and minorities.

The groups that make up the Inter-Alliance Dialogue are urging Congress to address the needs of low-wage workers, by:

* passing the Employee Free Choice Act to expand workers’ right to organize and improve working conditions;
* enhancing worker protection laws to prevent wage theft and workplace abuses;
* preventing the lending and credit industries from taking advantage of minorities and low-income people;
* implementing fair immigration reform that protects workers and their families; and
* providing equal opportunities for jobs for all workers in the emerging green economy.


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