Gulfport On The Sly

Gulfport city leaders, after a closed-door meeting, announce plans to annex 2.5 square miles north of the city. The plan is expected to draw fire from neighboring Biloxi and Harrison County and from residents in previously annexed areas who believe the city hasn’t provided adequate services there even years after annexation.

Can you feel the wool being pulled over your eyes?  Take a trip through North Gulfport sometime……check out the streets and such….after 20 years they still have not done right by the poor in the city.

Gulfport should not have been allowed to annex north up Hwy 49, they have dragged their feet on the promise improvements to the poorer neighborhoods.

A lawyer and expert on Mississippi’s open-government laws said Gulfport violated the law with its closed-door session on annexation and other matters. Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr, a lame duck who will leave office in weeks, responds that neither he nor the council did anything wrong with the secret meeting.

And his primary residence was an empty house during Katrina…….NOTHING Wrong?….yeah…right!


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