Will Energy Costs Go Up?

If you listen to Repubs, it will.  They pick some obtuese figure to use and scare the public into submission.

Recently Gov. Barbour made this observation:

“Instead of a policy of more American energy, the proposed Obama policy is to establish a cap and trade tax, increase taxes on oil and gas companies by $81 billion and create a requirement that a certain percentage of electricity be generated with renewable fuels … a so called renewable portfolio standard,” Barbour said. “These policies have in common that they would all inevitably and substantially increase the cost of energy to the American families and American businesses, especially manufacturing.”

This should not effect manufacturing in the state….why?….they are given a free ride at every turn….so Barbour BS concerning industry is just so much crap.  Barbour is just repeating the playbook and daily talking pointys issued for Repubs to use in their count-offensive against “clean air”.

The Barbours have been champions of eliminating litter in Mississippi…good idea…but some how clean air means NOTHING to them.  Eliminating litter would involve getting free labor out of the the residents…..eliminating air pollution would require the govs donor base having to do the work…something we cannot have (that is sarcasm, in case you missed it).


4 thoughts on “Will Energy Costs Go Up?

  1. What an ignorant post. Obama, himself said that electricity rates will necessarily increase under the cape and trade legislation. Waxman, a house democrat, also admitted that cap and trade is essentially a very huge tax. The businesses will not bear the brunt of the new costs that C&T will place on them; they will pass it on the consumer through higher energy bills (estimated between $700 and $1,400 per family per year). We’re in the middle of an economic recession/depression and this is not the time to saddle taxpayers with additional expenses.

    Global warming is junk science that has allowed liberals to secure financing and to push their agenda. Ask the people in North Dakota who just got snow in June. There are periods of warming and cooling; it’s just nature running its course. Al Gore is making a fortune pimping his lame theories to whoever will listen.

    The truth is Obama promised that his “Stimulus” package would save or create 600,000 new jobs and, in fact, since it was signed, 1.6 million Americans have lost their jobs. It makes no sense to spend your way out of debt. Keep your hope and change. I’m not interested.

    1. Thanx for stopping by gladi8r……I see you got your moronic Repub talking points…and thanx for sharing them…but let Newt do your talking…at least he sounds more like someone with half a brain. Let me guess….and the earth is only about 5000 years old too…..sorry but old Southern white farts believe anything you have just written….tah!

  2. The liberal way is to deny everything even when faced with the truth. You have done nothing but attack when I presented you with facts. All you can say is the “earth is 5,000 years old”? What the hell? What kind of rebuttal is that? You impugn my mental capacity but I have a graduate degree and I have enough sense to investigate things instead of just believing the words of some politician. The fact is, democrats (including Obama) have said that energy prices will increase under Cap and Trade legislation and you deny that? Unbelievable. How can they not. Businesses don’t absorb these expenses; they pass them on to consumers.

    1. Gee, nice of you to return and thanx…before I go on let me say if we want to turn this into a piece of crap where we call each stupid…let me know. I did not deny anything…try to keep up…but prices will go up whether the cap and trade is in place or not. As in any war, a political war in this case, the truth is the first victim. We all research the facts, as they are given, but most people look for the facts that can support their view.

      Is Obama doing the wrong? Yes! But at least he and the Congress are doing something…that has been sadly absent in past years.

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