Barbour in 2012?

I recently heard a report that our beloved governor is on a swing through Iowa and New Hampshire….sounds like he is setting the stage for a run in 2012.

Back in the early days of the primaries, I suggested that the GOP candidate might consider Barbour as a VP candidate….boy, was I laughed at by many.  But once again I say he has the credentials for a run….head of the RNC, been a governor, a successful lobbyist, etc….he has the experience and the qualifications…so why not?

Since he cannot run for governor again……he has done as much damage as he could to the working population of the state and has helped bankrupt a state…they all sound very good for a Repub candidate.  He is also a Southerner which is another leading qualification for a run since the only support that the GOP really has is from elderly, white Southerners.

All in all….this makes him a pretty good prospect fort the party of “NO”.


4 thoughts on “Barbour in 2012?

  1. Interesting post and thought-provoking too, but I hope the Republicans will put forth a more viable candidate to challenge Mr. Obama, who seems tough to beat at this juncture.

    1. Hi Al and thanx for the visit….personally I doubt that Barbour can make it thru the first couple of contests, if he decides to try, and right now the GOP brand is worth little….the best one so far may be Mitt.

  2. I’ve always regarded him as the embodiment of the Southern good ole boy stereotype. I hope he gives up politics and gets cast as Boss Hogg in the next Dukes of Hazard movie.

    1. Hi vjack nice to see you again…..IMO Barbour and his lackeys, the legislature, have done more to harm working people and the poor than anyone else in the past.

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