What Of Gulfport?

Gulfport’s new mayor is sworn in and the promises have begun…the new mayor got elected because he was doing it for Gulfport.

Schloegel outlined the main goals in a new strategic plan they developed: Enhance revenue through economic development, with a city emphasis on retail expansion; work with the state port and state Transportation Department to plan a transportation corridor that will meet the needs of port expansion; tap a variety of programs to help residents rehabilitate substandard housing; improve infrastructure, from roads to playgrounds; build on the momentum that has led to superior fire and police service; and achieve a new standard in early childhood education.

During his first few months in office, Schloegel will lead the city’s economic development effort. He said a hiring freeze will temporarily prevent replacement of the director who recently resigned. When the position is filled, he will look for a director with experience in retail development. He said the Harrison County Development Commission and Mississippi Development Authority do a good job of focusing on industrial development.

Declining revenue will make any program he may want to start difficult…..my question is will he find new ways of increasing the city coffers or will he be giving away the city in the name of progress?

In the past, too many mayors have given away the school and killed the children (a metaphor, I think).  They have given tax breaks where tax breaks hurt the city and then the workers pay the price….companies get the gold…workers get the shaft.

Will our new mayor be good for the city or will he just be worried about the next election?


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