When Will Mississippians Ever Learn?

After a much needed time for ZEN…I am back and ready to report on the lunacy that is the government of the South…..we have the scores for the Senators from Mississippi as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics….

Sen. Cochran has NEVER been a friend of the middle class his grades suck for the last several years:







2009–results to be released in March 2010

His overall rating on middle class issues is 40%…..I will repeat that 40%…..He has voted against the bankruptcy act of 2009, SCHIP, fair pay act, the stimulus, and those are for this year….to be fair he voted for…..unemployment extension, estate tax cut, the credit card act, among others…..

All in all, Mississippians need to pay attention…..it would help if they would stay in school….but that is for another post……they keep re-electing these people that are doing NOTHING to help the middle class…..

Mississippians get off your ass and learn all about these people that are representing you…they may not be doing all that is necessary for your and youyr family’s well being….

To Be Continued……..

2 thoughts on “When Will Mississippians Ever Learn?

  1. I hate to say this, but I think that a big part of the problem is that whichever candidate manages to pander to the religious right in our state gets elected. Other qualifications don’t seem to matter as long as the candidate can convince voters that he or she is sufficiently Christian.

    1. vjack nice to hear from you again….and you are right I just saw an article that said that Mississippi was the most religious state….so your assumption holds water…..it is sad that religion is the only thing that qualifies someone for office….really sad……thanx for the comment and have a nice holiday……

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