The Future Of Education?

Mississippi has given the go ahead for charter schools…..a con job if ever there was……no where is there proof that they are anything but a lotto run by morons with bingo machines… is not the answer to improving education….

In Saner Thought

Every year the media goes batshit crazy with education….they have endless shows and talks on the subject…..and each time we hear that the future of American education is charter schools….personally, I think it is a cope out by those who hate the idea of a public education…..but of course they trot out their paid consultants, think tanks, to do some creative writing to support their position….we hear about the highly successful school in NYC or the one in New Orleans…..but are these institutions the real future?

USAToday did a piece on two separate reports on charter schools……

• Compared with students in regular schools, children attending charter schools perform no better in reading and worse in math, according to a Department of Education study of 150 charters.

• Not so, according to a report from Harvard researcher Caroline Hoxby, who weighed results from charter schools in 36 states and found…

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