The Rogue Republic–Info Ink Book Review

I reside in the area that was once called Republic of West Florida….a fascinated study of the area and the time….a good read….pick it up!

In Saner Thought

The Rogue Republic by William C. Davis

Once again I must come clean with some bad habits…..a messy desk…..I bought this book several months ago and lost it in the clutter that is my life…..I have been doing massive amounts of research for a couple of posts that are in the works…I decided to clean my mess and found the book I forgot I had gotten several months ago……

I live in the area that this book is written about and a period of time that I find very interesting…..the period just after the Constitution battle and just before the War of 1812……

The year is 1810 and for a short shining moment in history my area was a free and independent republic….the Republic of West Florida……Mr. Davis made the players seem personal as if you knew them intimately…..the Kempers, Callers, the Spanish authorities, the Territorial authorities and even the…

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