MCDANIEL: Limited Government, Moral Truth and Conservatives Greatest Challenge.

The answers given are typical answers that have nothing to do with the betterment of the state……and as I asked….who asked these questions of him? As long as we Mississippians keep elected people like this we will forever be at the bottom of all good lists and the top of all bad lists….,it is that simple.

Mississippi PEP

BY: Chris McDaniel @senatormcdaniel

Recently, I was asked to answer a number of questions regarding political thought and philosophy. Three of which are answered below. I hope you enjoy.

(1) Often in society virtue is identified or linked with collectivism, why is a limited government the most moral option?

Collectivism, if truly voluntary, has the potential to result in positive outcomes – for example, faith communities, civic clubs and charities. However, collectivism cannot properly be defined as moral or virtuous if any degree of coercion is involved. This is particularly true when government is mandating collective solutions. Forced collectivism often works as an antisocial instrument, crippling the division of labor, voluntary interchange and even individual creativity.

On the other hand, limited government – or put another way, liberty – allows for the exercise of personal choice, which is an indispensable component of morality. Indeed, how can an action be considered…

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