A Weasel In The Hen House?

That age old saying could be used to describe the White House of today.

There are factions within the WH…the alt-Right faction and the sane faction……and the latest polls may make it worse…..recent polls say that Trump is losing the conservatives….not necessarily his base but the conservs in a broader sense.

More Republicans will turn against Donald Trump and his politics of populism, a GOP senator and leading critic of the president has predicted, as the Guardian surveys the conservative landscape 200 days into the Trump presidency.

Jeff Flake of Arizona, among 17 conservative politicians, activists, officials and pundits interviewed over two months, revealed that while the president has given rightwing fringe groups a seat at the table, his alliance with his own party remains highly precarious.

Source: The conservatives turning against Donald Trump | US news | The Guardian

To add fuel to this fire word came out that VP Pence had set up a PAC and speculation went crazy about his possible run for the presidency in 2020…..,but he quickly tapped down this speculation…..

Mike Pence is at the center of a juicy DC rumor—and he’s not having it. Per the AP, Pence released a statement Sunday disavowing a New York Times story that reports he’s among Republicans gearing up for a shot at the White House in 2020 should Trump decide not to run for reelection. Pence’s statement said the article “is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team.” It called the allegations “categorically false,” “laughable and absurd,” and described them as an attempt by the media to divide the Trump administration. The Times piece looks at members of the GOP who are possibly laying the groundwork for “shadow campaigns,” citing political maneuvers and fundraising by senators Cotton and Sasse as well as Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

But the article considers Pence at length, calling him the “pacesetter,” with mentions of his fundraising committee recently racking up $1 million at a Washington fundraiser, and his robust political event schedule. It says unnamed advisers to the vice president have indicated to donors that Pence is interested in a presidential bid, but only if Trump doesn’t seek another term. Kellyanne Conway doubled down on Pence’s statement during media rounds, saying, “It is absolutely true the vice president is getting ready for 2020—for reelection as vice president” on ABC’s This Week. A New York Times spokeswoman told the AP in an email statement that the paper is “confident in the accuracy of our reporting and will let the story speak for itself.”

But Pence’s denial rang hallow to at least one GOP strategist, Rick Wilson…..

Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Monday said Pence’s denial rings very hollow — and he predicted that there would be growing support for ousting Trump among Republicans should Trump continue to flounder as president.

“His denial is a full confession of guilt,” Wilson wrote on Twitter Monday. “The ‘Pence is running’ whispers follow months of ‘Pence is a circuit breaker for Trump’s cray’ whispers. Pence is a *major* safety blanket for GOP Members, particularly in the Senate. He’s a kind of ‘But Gorsuch!’ talisman they clutch in the dark, stormy moments of Trump’s most evident instability.”

Source: GOP Strategist Explains Why Pence Is Destined to Betray Trump | Alternet

I agree with Wilson on this….I have been saying since Pence was chosen as Trump’s running mate that he would be a backstabber….at the first opportunity.

I do not like his politics….not because he is a conservative but that he is a theocrat and in my book no better than those imans calling for jihad.  If he is successful at taking the government then he will most likely impose his brand of Christianity on us all.

I said at the beginning and I still feel that he is nothing more than the “weasel in the hen house” waiting for the best opportunity to stab Trump in the back and grab the prize.


7 thoughts on “A Weasel In The Hen House?

  1. I’m sure even a weasel can be cleaned up, dressed up enough, to be presidential should Trump not finish his term. I’d not worry about him winning any real election bid for the White House.. there’s just nothing there of substance. Of course, this is from a guy who swore up and down that Trump would never get elected. 🙂

    You know, if you remember way back when you.. me actually, first took notice of Obama. He was an unknown, a speaker at that democratic convention, forgot the year. I listened to that speech and thought to myself… “Holy shit.. who is this guy?” Now, that speech he never stated his politics, never presented his views on events, government, or international relations. He was giving a typical convention rah-rah speech. He had finesse, image, a visual and verbal articulation and charisma. You knew the guy was intelligent. THAT’s the kind of person the Dems, or even the GOP, needs to grab the country back on track. I am absolutely no party political strategist but one only hopes the Dem party leadership is out searching the political landscape for an unknown they can place on the table.

    1. Watch Newsome in Calif….he is young good looking and a Dem….I think the women are done for awhile in the DNC….I wish it wasn’t so but the last election is making them shy. chuq

      1. yeah.. I live in Cali.. funny though.. I know the name but never heard him speak. I see Maher wants him for 2020 (you a Maher guy?).
        Watch him long enough and you can see Christian Bale; women would love this guy. I’ll watch more video on this guy. Thx for the heads up.

      2. I use to watch Maher but lost interests a couple of years ago….I thought he was a good choice back in his SF days….I see a couple of others but none that makes me see winner in them….chuq

  2. I am not up to speed on potential future ‘winners’, as they get little coverage here. However, I could never see Pence being elected on his own (dubious) merit.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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