Let’s Talk John McCain

WARNING:  This post will feature some pretty raw words and thoughts….proceed with caution if you are easily offended.

It is safe to say that I do not think much of John McCain’s conservative ideas…..we agree on very little….but no matter the man deserves all the respect one can muster for he has served his country in so many ways and given up a lot for his country.

But for a couple of months now McCain has become the whipping boy of Trump….he blames so much of Trump’s failures on John McCain….especially the numerous failures the the GOP plan has had trying to repeal and replace Obamacare.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has ripped into Trump and his mindless supporters for all their attacks on McCain….

“Mornine Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday ripped President Donald Trump and other critics of “dying” Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who last week announced his opposition to the latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

“You have no humanity if a man is dying and  your using him for political punchlines on talk radio and also to audiences in Alabama,” Scarborough said of Trump, who has voiced criticism of the senator, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

The MSNBC host called people who “boo” McCain “ignorant,” and asked them to “show a little respect” for the U.S. Navy veteran and former prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Scarborough also found it disturbing that others would attack someone who is fighting cancer.

“By the way, for the people at home. If you’re in the audience, and John McCain is getting attacked, and he’s fighting for his life, unless you were raised in a barn, keep your mouth shut, all right?” Scarborough said, sobering the mood of the show. “Show a little respect. Show a little dignity. Show a little class.”

Scarborough asked who raised “these people,” saying he grew up in the same situations that they did.

“I guarantee I was raised in the same region. In the same socioeconomic background, going to the same Southern Baptist churches, going to the same public schools, going to the same public colleges, state schools these people went to,” Scarborough said.

“So I ask, Who raised these people? Who have they become, that they would boo a man who is fighting for his very life and has served his country in uniform, who was a prisoner of war?”

“”You should keep your mouth shut, and you should go home, and you should talk to your children, and you should tell the story of John McCain to your children,” Scarborough said, explaining that McCain had the choice to be released from prison in Vietnam, but refused until his fellow service members could be released with him. “A man who served his country in uniform when he could have done what Donald Trump did. He could have avoided the draft.”

That was an apparent reference to Trump, who got repeated deferrals to avoid military service in Vietnam.

Watch the rest of the video….


There is the real problem with this country…..Donald Trump and his mindless drooling supporters have NO respect for anyone that disagrees with him or them….

John McCain like all our veterans they have earned their respect and this president has earned NOTHING but disdain from humans.

Time for these slobbering fools to leave the insults unsaid and start working on actual policies that will lead America forward.


34 thoughts on “Let’s Talk John McCain

  1. Scarborough got it exactly right, though I remember he and Mika gave lots of airtime to Trump in 2015-2016. Perhaps Joe feels he owes America his contrition for any excesses they allowed Trump on air during that time. Their tone now definitely shows they find Trump unsuited for and incompetent to be president.

  2. Maybe we are seeing a bit of a “different” McCain. Anyone of us, when confronted with our own mortality, will begin to shift in some principles. Maybe.. just maybe… McCain is shifting from what’s good for the party and making back-room compromises, to more an uncompromising what’s-good-for-America. Maybe.. he might lead the charge to remove Trump. You can just feel his rage regarding Trump just under the surface. Consider this.. he has political capitol, national respect, and very likely he has a limited future. He has nothing to lose now. His last heroic act?

  3. I hold no brief for the politics of McCain. (Or any US politician, for that matter) I am sorry he is old, and dying of a tumour. However, he is a long-serving and canny politician, and knows the way things work. Come out fighting, and you will create enemies. Attack a policy, or a person, and you should expect retaliation.
    Dying or not, ex-POW or not.
    That said, I was pleased to see the TV host use the word ‘Class’. (Not in the social standing sense.) Having some ‘class’ is something sadly lacking in so many US politicians, and their baying supporters.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. From testimony I have read he was offered a release because his father was an admiral and he refused……you are right…..I will not listen to “judges” that were not part of it….

      2. People will believe what they want to believe because it is human nature to do so. No amount of argument or evidence or anything else is going to change a mind that is made up. As for me, I do not care even a little bit what the good Senator did or did not do when he was in Vietnam. None of it is any skin off my nose but I do sometimes wish he had been able to cast more positive votes when issues concerning Veterans’ benefits came up for votes.

      3. I guess his supporters will defend anything he says or does whether it is true or good or not. So that’s human nature you’re talking about there.

      4. I am not a supporter and I will defend any veteran that is the point of ridicule……if it is true then I will accept the verdict but not before it is proven. chuq

      5. I am wondering what difference it makes whether people like you and me support or oppose anybody or not? I do not believe our opinion changes a thing. Not a thing at all. I don’t know about you, but I know that I am pretty much a nobody.

      6. In today’s society principles aren’t worth a diddly damned and only a few try to make use of them and when they do they do nothing but satisfy themselves.

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