Only Takes A Spark!

OMG!  There is so much tension around the world that it is starting to look more like the beginning of the end.  I know that sounds a bit much…..but look at the world…..NK is strutting around with its missile in hand, US is verbally threatening so many countries, Turkey is fighting but NO one knows for sure who they are fighting, China, India and Pakistan are all pushing along their borers with each other….and then there is the “games”…all being played in and around the Baltics and Southwest Europe….all along the old borders of the Cold War dividing the USSR from the West.

Right now the US and its NATO allies have a military build-up along said borers and Russia has done likewise….all under the pretense of “war games”.

This September in Europe was a tense month of military posturing and preparations. Sweden recently began a three-week war game, its largest since the Cold War. Even as it did so, across the Baltic Sea, Russian and Belarusian forces concluded the Zapad military exercises – which NATO officials called “serious preparations for a big war”.

Major war games such as these bring a risk of real conflict. But neither the Russian invasion that Russia’s neighbours fear, nor the NATO incursion implicit in the Zapad scenario, are likely events. Our research on conflict escalation suggests that the U.S., Russia and Europe should worry about a far riskier contingency: what if a separate crisis emerged at the same time that large numbers of troops and equipment are already deployed in the region?

A crisis could be precipitated from at least three different types of events: unattributable attacks, unilateral actions by anxious allies, and military accidents. Such dangerous situations could quickly produce unintended consequences that slip Russia and the West into armed confrontation.

Source: What Would It Take to Trigger War Between Russia and NATO? Just a Spark | RealClearDefense

It is not a “war game”… best it is a stare down.

Who will blink first?

Of course…..a simple blink could light the fuse of no return.

6 thoughts on “Only Takes A Spark!

  1. A lot of this is an emotional perception where we (Americans) are transposing the idiocy and helplessness of our own president handling domestic problems onto world events… knowing full well our Dear Leader can’t handle world events any better. On top of that, we have a pessimistic president.. so we are not overly consoled with the fact that somehow he is in control enough to allow us to sleep nights.
    Up to this point I still consider the civil and social strife of the Vietnam years… anti-war demonstrations, assassinations, civil rights demonstrations and riots in the cities, the Cold War. Nah… that seemed far more a very real visual of the end of the world in my lifetime.

    But.. as fictional scenarios go.. consider this example of sardonic, sarcastic fatalism….

    If Kim launches a nuke anywhere the only two places it will land is in the water somewhere (because his targeting system sucks thus far) or, it will smack onto Japan somewhere, likely killing innocents immediately and for the next 20 years. We send our military to NK to strike back. Kim then fires on Seoul.. kills a ton of more innocent people.
    Our military (not using nukes) blows Kim and his ilk from the face of the earth. All this violence could be wrapped up by noon.
    China is only worried about our political influence being along their borders; they have no desire to go to war with the U.S. nor do we wish to fight them. Allow them to be part of setting up a new government in North Korea.

    End result: Kim is eliminated. China is happy we are not occupying NK.
    Downtown Seoul has a few less buildings… a lot more dead and injured people. Too bad, so sad. Japan has a bunch of dead from the nuke and a bunch of cancer for the next 20 years… nothing they haven’t worked through before. Heck, they have to be experts at handling radiation by now, what with our two bombs and the tsunami reactor accident. Again, too bad, so sad.

    Best of all.. maybe we loose a few valiant and heroic soldiers in the conflict that ends by noon.. but the U.S. will remain unscathed. So, what’s the real problem? Problem solved… by noon.

    Yay America!

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