Is It More Than Dislike?

I, like so many others, have been writing on the presidential term so far of Mr. Trump and I have been accused of despising the man and that made me take back and immerse myself in thought.

As hard as it is for many of his supporters to believe not everybody wants him to fail as president.  I mean I was a critic of Bubba Clinton, GW Bush and Obama… I am doing nothing that I have had done to other presidents.

Do I truly despise the man?

There are very few people I actually despise but there are many that I dislike.  I admit that I have used words that were not very flattering to the man to describe his administration but it was not from despise that they flowed more like in retaliation for something some mental midget has written or said.

The truth is in the beginning I was not pleased that Trump had won the election but I would have been equally disappointed if Clinton had won….so safe to say that no matter who won the 2016 election I was not going to be happy.

But despised the man….I think not…..I truly was hoping that he would make good on his campaign promises in trade and foreign policy… I wished him well as I have done for ever president since I began analyzing politics.

The problem is that he has nothing but the campaign going for him.  That is evident if you watch he is still campaigning and only visits regions that voted for him.

He could be going around the country thumping his chest about the markets rise….the low unemployment…..but instead he taunts Clinton and her loss and keeps bringing up the “Russian fake story” to the point that rational people are starting to think….”me thinks he dost protest too much”.

Then there are the Tweets.  Tweeting is a great thing but it is NO way to govern or run a White House.

However there is one area where he gets my approval….he truly wants to end Afghanistan but the generals want more troops….generals always want more troops…..if he can figure this aspect of his foreign policy out then there is the possibility of my better feeling about his presidency.

So the question remains… I despise the president?

I will admit that what began as a dislike has slowly become a despise for I do not see how he is “Making America Great Again”.  He spends most of his time reliving the election win, which was a good win but it is beyond time to move on to the act of governing.

So I guess despise  can be said to be accurate….but it is not permanent.

A reset would go a long way to reverse this trend for me.

This person shows no respect for the people of this country and he expects my respect to be shown him…..then he is delusional.

So I guess despise will have to do for now….but there is always tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Is It More Than Dislike?

  1. It seems this man has no redeeming qualities. It’s my opinion that only the very ignorant, easily manipulated hateful basket of deplorables and those looking out for themselves up on the hill could still be defendimg him. What’s to like about a president who thrives on lies and chaos ?

  2. I fully understand what you are saying, chuq. Despising anyone is akin to just tossing out the word “hate” all the time. After a while no one cares who you or what you “hate”. I hate that guy… I hate mustard on my hot dog… I hate when I have bad hair days.. yada, yada. Young people have a tendency to use “hate” a lot. Obviously you’re aware my site is not dedicated to loving Trump.. but I do try focus on the specific reasons, rather than “I hate (or despise) that guy.” Years before he had his shows and he would pop up on TV.. like those Pizza Hut commercials.. I rather enjoyed the guy a bit; he seemed to poke a little fun at himself for being rich. That verbal exchange with Billy Bush on the bus that has become the icon for his views on women… in another non-political world and at another less volatile time, I would have been “Billy”.. and I would have thought the guy was a bit bizarre but funny.. and I would have enjoyed his trying to identify with me also being a guy.. and talking guy stuff from a rich guy’s perspective. I meet people all day long that I enjoy engaging in casual chat without being pretentious on subject matter that I would never want to see as president.
    My point here… I hate, despise, abhor.. you pick a word… his being my president, not necessarily at him personally because that really doesn’t matter. But rest assured, at home, in front of my TV set… “He’s f***ed up.” is a common retort when he opens his mouth. “F***ing Trump.” is a close second as I walk from one room to the other on the way to the kitchen. But deep down it’s not about him personally. That’s just me.

    1. I think he has the IQ of a turnip….but I want to see the country succeed….he will not give me that wish…..I tried to give him a chance once he was elected and he has failed me….chuq

  3. I think, in this case, using the word ‘disdain’ would be the most accurate. He’s a fool, and, he’s irrelevant, as is all government & deserves nothing better than that from me.

    “Integrity needs no rules.” — Ancient Human Proverb

    As noted, ‘hate’, or ‘despise’. both describe a failure of imagination; to my way of thinking, hatred is both a waste of time, and a waste of emotional energy. Thus, disdain is all I can feel for such a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Of course, I hold that opinion of many people, so, who am I to say what is best? We all have our likes & dislikes; investing a lot of emotional energy in any of them is less than efficient, or comfortable. Best to hold on to rationality….

    gigoid, the dubious, done with politics for the day….

  4. It’s hard to despise a person, or to keep any level of real hate going long enough to maintain that energy, unless you really mean it, and feel it deep inside.
    You have Trump, I had Thatcher. I hated her with a vengeance. The way she tried to promote her shop-keeper background, whilst being married to a millionaire. Her snooty affected voice, and the way she sneered at ordinary working people. The unnecessary war in the Falklands, and even her hairstyle. The way she shamelessly promoted her children, and betrayed many of the politicians who got her into power. Sound familiar?
    But I really did despise her, and wished her dead. And I was pleased when she fell from grace, ended up living a lonely life, affected by memory loss and confusion, then died half-crazy. She deserved that.

    So, that’s hate for you. you have to really mean it. And I did.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. I’ll be sudre to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.


  6. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:

    It is no secret that I did not like Trump from day one ….there were a few policies of his that I could supporter but overall I was never a fan. In the few days that he has been president my feelings about him have gone from dislike to something stronger…….chuq

  7. You have got a pretty clear picture of President Trump — but he is trying — he is learning — and if you have listened to Mrs. Clinton lately it is not difficult to understand that she is still bemoaning the loss of the election that was supposed to crown her as America’s first queen — the election that Trump won and that the Libs cannot ever get into their heads — but he is not a hundred percent yet of what he can be — but he is what we’ve got — We have to live with it — Your new blog is giving me a new and clearer picture of where you stand on issues and I see that you are a lot more reasonable and tolerant than I first imagined and that is a good thing — This new blog of yours is the absolute best and I am enjoying the heck out of it and I hope you keep it going and going and going …Thanks, Chuq. This new blog of yours is a breath of fresh air!

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