The Return Of GSFP

Last year I tried to resurrect Gulf South Free Press as an opinion blog…..well that did not go so well for I had to check into the hospital and have a couple of toes removed.  And then with the rehab for those toes I had neglected GSFP and now I wish to re-start it as an opinion blog……post about once a week or so.  GSFP started off originally as my state blog covering the news of my state of Mississippi….then it morphed into a op-ed blog solely…..and now I am trying to re-start the op-ed portion of the site……

Hopefully my readers will pick up on GSFP and find it necessary to comment on the op-eds I present……

Let’s try it again…hopefully there is not going to be any more visits to the hospital…..I believe I have given enough….

Shall we begin?

18 thoughts on “The Return Of GSFP

      1. In October I had 4 toes removed….while I posted on my Primary blog, In Saner Thought, I had let GSFP slide a bit…I hope to change that starting tomorrow…..thanx for being here….chuq

      2. Still struggling with walking after thee toes went missing….but all is going well…….thanx for you concern….chuq

  1. Oh Boy — look what I just found … a different blog by an old friend, Chuq — I already like it — I am signing up —

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