Who Are You?

Can you hear the Who in the background?

I am always having political conversations with the people around me…..and one day a fellow ask me just who are you?  Meaning he wanted to know my political affiliations.

She was confused because I hold some conservative beliefs as well as some liberal and even some more radical than the Dems.

The question remains politically who am I?

Let’s get started……I am pro-gun but only to the extent that assault weapons should only be available to military or collectors…..I am pro-choice…..because it is a personal decision and NO one should infringe on a person’s personal decisions.  Pro-tax reform….take the 1000+ page tax code and distill it down to 10 pages….everyone pays…..  I support a single payer or a Medicare for all if you like.  I am anti-war….war should be the last resort not the first thing that comes to mind.  Pro-veteran….meaning veterans should get all the benefits that they deserve….superb medical care, GI Bill educational benefits to the point that the first 4 years are free  Then there is the limited government….by this I mean that we all pay taxes and Pentagon budget gets scaled back to a reasonable level.  Anti Citizens United…all campaigns should be paid for through the government….donations can be given but they would go into a fund for all candidates.  I am pro term limits for the Congress….for the Senate 2 terms or 12 years for the House 6 terms or 12 years.  Lobbyists…NO former government employee can lobby for at least 10 years after leaving government service.  Pro Separation of Church and State…NO religion should have an upper hand in government..again this is a personal choice and as such should not be foisted on the population.

There you have it…..my political views boiled down to a few words….but the reader can get a good idea what I am about….at least politically.

13 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Interesting how you and I can overlap sometimes. I have been in the process of completing a post (that will likely end up being in the top menu bar) to illustrate my own political propensities, as well as religious, as many of the conservative blogs I follow also mix in some Bible-thumping as well (as if that is supposed to matter in politics).
    My presentation, not unlike your’s here, is to attempt to answer to the reader, “Well, who’s this schmuck and what makes him have posts like this?”
    Good move.

      1. I’ve never considered myself radical. I vote independently and try to always use common sense and facts to make my opinions. I believe I’ve seen and lived through some of the best and worst that life has to offer and can therefore go from those experiences.

      2. I have always been what some call a radical….I do not feel like one….but others think they are smarter than me and they tell me they are always right…..LOL chuq

  2. My take on it all is simple. Remove choice, make me the dictator, and I promise to look after everyone.
    Well maybe not the Royal Family, the Aristocrats, the privileged by birth, the Far Right idiots, oh and the lawyers…
    🙂 Best wishes, Pete.

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