America’s Gun Culture

Note:  This is a draft I wrote shortly after the Parkland High School killings and sorry for the delay in posting….but life caught me flat footed.

The debate has picked up around the subject of guns….of course there are some stories that anyone that tries to inject some sanity into the debate is pushing for gun control….that they will come for your guns if anyone listens to them…..

Of course I think that line of talk is just silly… can want common sense laws without taking everyone’s guns from them.

I would like to offer up this op-ed that was published in The Week magazine…..

We are a nation divided, as everyone knows. And what we need to fix that problem is to reach out, express some empathy, and show our opponents that we don’t hate them even if we disagree.

Or at least, that’s what liberals are supposed to do.

You can hear that argument everywhere on the subject of guns: Whatever policy changes liberals might be proposing, it’s important to communicate to gun owners that you respect their culture and you don’t mean to wage an assault on their way of life. When someone like retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens writes an op-ed in TheNew York Times calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, it only convinces people that you’re a bunch of gun-grabbers.

There has been a bunch of op-eds around the subject…….some have even said that the 2nd amendment needs to be repealed……if they go that far then why not redo the Constitution in totality……that ain’t happening so shut up about the 2nd…..until someone is serious.

This debate has gone further this time than it has in past…….I mean even when a Congressperson was shot the debate was ended in less than a week….but this time it has lingered and debated far more than in the past.

And then there was another shooting and the conversation ended…….still making news occasionally…but in reality it has ended as it always does……..only thing truly new is the face of the NRA……that convicted criminal Col. Ollie North.

The sage continues.

7 thoughts on “America’s Gun Culture

    1. Thank you….my primary blog…IST is always running just wanted to try and resurrect GSFP…..thanx for the visit….hope to see you often….chuq

  1. Being from England, I am of course going to have a completely different take on private ownership of guns of any type. Criminals will always obtain weapons somehow, but with so many millions in circulation legally in the US, it is just so much easier. Add the domestic murders by shooting, and the ‘American Disease’ of Mass Shootings in schools and other crowded places, and you have a valid argument for the banning of personal weapons in your country.
    But owning and using guns is so ingrained in the psyche of most Americans, that is never going to happen.
    I see no point in the constant debate, or listing the pros and cons of the arguments, when even the most intelligent and reasonable people still insist on their right to own (and even openly carry) firearms.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We can thank the likes of John Wayne and Hollywood…….the debate for me is done…..I will not waste my time beyond a comment now and then……I have guns and I keep them in a safe place to use only n extreme emergency……have day my friend….chuq

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