Centrists: The Electoral Cowards

We are entering into the summer of our discontent……basically we are voting in primaries as a lead up to the mid-terms…..will there be a “blue wave” that the media wants so badly?  Or will the status quo continue unabated?

Let’s look at the situation in the country these days…….

The American political scene has three players, at least that is what the MSM would you us believe, Republicans, Democrats, and Centrists.

Centrists or as some seem to think…independents….I do not agree.  An independent is someone who votes for the best lie….a Centrist is someone who is too cowardly to pick aside to stand.

I have written about these people several times before….for the last 8 years…….and for you education they are listed below…..please take the time and read the posts they explain a lot……

We Are All Centrists

Centrists The Bane Of Politics

Where Have All The Centrists Gone?

As you have read I am no friend to centrists……to me they are the problem with this country not those on what some call the extremes of Right and left…….

After I wrote this my son-in-law showed me an op-ed that he had read from his Twitter feed ……

The warning signs are flashing red: Democracy is under threat. Across Europe and North America, candidates are more authoritarian, party systems are more volatile, and citizens are more hostile to the norms and institutions of liberal democracy.

These trends have prompted a major debate between those who view political discontent as economic, cultural or generational in origin. But all of these explanations share one basic assumption: The threat is coming from the political extremes.

On the right, ethno-nationalists and libertarians are accused of supporting fascist politics; on the left, campus radicals and the so-called antifa movement are accused of betraying liberal principles. Across the board, the assumption is that radical views go hand in hand with support for authoritarianism, while moderation suggests a more committed approach to the democratic process.

Well said…..I prefer to see my elected officials take a side and not straddle to the center to make donors happy…..those people are dragging this country down the toilet.  Principles are in short supply these days and will not get better until we find away to take the cash out of the election.  I know a pipe dream…..but I am old it is the young that will suffer the most from these cowards.

2 thoughts on “Centrists: The Electoral Cowards

  1. The problem with this ‘centrist’ support is that nothing gets done. They split the power of government in some countries, stalling policies and expenditure, and sometimes forcing the need for frequent elections, until countries (like Italy) get lost in a spiral of never actually being governed effectively.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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